Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Should we be worried?

January 12th, 2020
So as I was sitting down eating dinner with my family at a local restaurant. As we had taken our seats I peered off to my right while we were waiting for our meal to arrive and I saw a family of five, all staring down at their phone screens not communicating a word. And this continued to go for minutes. And while I saw this it really made me ask myself the question. What is becoming of technology? Technology has within a rapid period of time taken over our society in a way that I feel is negative. Yes by having technology around us we are able to communicate with people we miss far away as well as keep in touch with all of our friends. But I've begun to understand how although technology brings those who are far away together, it tears apart the relationships we have with the ones we are closest to. Technology is beginning to take the form of humans and replicate human emotions and actions. and within a couple of years, artificial intelligence machines are going to be taking the places of human jobs. Is this not alarming? People are going to lose their jobs and unemployment and homelessness are going to be at record highs. But is it worth it to take the jobs of people who have families to feed and take care of all for machines that do the same exact job a few seconds faster? Do you actually believe this is beneficial for mankind? It's sad how technology is now the main way we communicate because it has taught us that human interaction isn't good and isn't necessary. Is there any way for us to stop this epidemic before its too late? Everything today is focused on the idea of money. So all these big and small marketing companies want to appeal to what's interesting in order to boost their profits. They don't care about how it affects the consumers as long as they make a profit. But when are we going to realize how technology is really dragging society into a path that eliminates human involvement in society and takes away from all the ordinary people so these large companies can make money? How are we going to end this technological empire forming right before our eyes?
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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Media Reflection

Media in today's world is an evil monster that eventually begins to overwhelm us all and influence all the decisions we make. The pressure that the media has placed on us constantly, is beginning to really affect the way we make decisions. Everything we look at is an ad for a specific product that a company is trying to sell to us. But how are we going to resist and hold back from all the influence? The best way to do it, is to really go deep into the question of just how does media work? When you become more mindful of how these companies actually get you to buy their products, it's much easier to take a step back and analyze what the companies are doing. And this is exactly what this Media Blog assignment has allowed me to do. By learning all the techniques and appeals that these companies use, not only have I become more economically educated but I have noticed a change in myself as well. I've noticed myself becoming way less of an impulse buyer or consumer. I used to see something and say to myself, I need to have that, but now I have learned to become smart with my money and tell myself that this product I want, is not a necessity and I will be able to live just fine without it. After multiple weeks of trying to grasp the ever-evolving concept of media, I've begun to see the ways these companies seel products in a pattern. The companies really try to sell to you the idea that you need to fit in and that you have to be like everyone else to be COOL. And this is a skill that will now stick with me as I continue to grow into a position where I will be forced to make even more decisions independently because I will soon have a job and will be actually making money.

This is why Media Literacy is so important because when you obtain these skills you instantly become so much more responsible and cognitive to the world around you. Especially as an adolescent, it's super-valuable to know how to be smart with money and to understand where to actually spend it to become successful. Because if you never learn how to spend your money the right way, you'll constantly be in debt, spending all your life trying to catch up instead of further separating yourself from the point where money becomes scarce. So by preparing yourself young, you save stress for when your much older and having to come face to face with decisions like retirement.

Although this media blog assignment is coming to a close, the skills that I have taken away from this assignment will continue to stick with me and help me as I grow and begin to form my own path in this media-heavy, technological society.

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Is Beauty more Important than Education

January 12th, 2020

Growing up into a society where everyone focuses so much time, energy, and money towards their outward appearance and vision, it becomes especially hard as a teenager to retain that originality and uniqueness that makes you, YOU. We all want to achieve this picture-perfect model type appearance, which is almost insurmountable to reach without camera effects and editing or even plastic surgery. And over the past years, these beauty companies have really sent society on a downward spiral because they cause so many young adults and teens to put so much money towards their appearance. Companies like Sephora and Ulta sell to us the idea that beauty should be our first priority over things like education. And this is the case, especially for young women. Women are becoming increasingly portrayed as these images made with pounds of make-up looking for sex. And this ideology is actually being instilled in young girls today. Allowing these beauty companies profit to skyrocket because the only thing that can make you beautiful is their products. These companies like L'oreal are perfectly executing their strategies of "the need for aesthetic sensations and need of sex" by picturing women as "objects" and showing them with almost no clothes or close-ups of their faces to attract young men to also buy these products for the women who are most significant in their lives. With this type of marketing already being used for years now, how are we going to educate these young generations to make them understand that beauty isn't the root of all your problems? Stray away from the beauty accounts and focus on what will take you somewhere in life like education. Don't fall into the trap that these companies create for you to waste all your money on their products. 
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Sunday, January 5, 2020

What is COOL?

January 5th, 2020

After watching the Frontline film Making Cents out of Teens, I’ve begun to realize just how heavily targeted teens are in today’s marketing world. More than half of the commercials I can remember specifically targeted different teenage groups in order to get the inside intel and become more popular. Nowadays teens are capable of so much more than just idealizing products. Teens are now given credit cards and money from there parents to buy all kinds of items. So it has become way more important for these businesses’ to market directly to these adolescents in order to make money. As the film stated, teenagers are known as Merchants of COOL, and they are a vital piece of how these companies sell their products. When these popular teenagers begin to use certain products, that item will quickly gain popularity as everyone else will want to have whats COOL and be with the trends of society. That product will then be considered elite and part of the teenage culture, resulting in far more sales for the company. This is why companies are now beginning to use the "Need for Affiliation" to make teens feel that they won't be cool if they don't have these products. In today's society, if you don't market to teens you will be left behind and it will be hard to regain that edge that all these other companies currently have, simply because you couldn't become popular in the "teenage world". It just goes to show how teenagers have become such a vessel and connection to other markets that companies value so heavily.
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What are you selling again?

January 5th, 2020
While spending my Sunday like I normally do watching football, I came across this Geico commercial that really caught my eye and even made me laugh a little. While watching this commercial it begins off by stating how Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance, and then immediately switches to a scene of Pinocchio giving a speech.
And while watching this commercial as well as recollecting past Geico ads I wonder how Geico can get away without even having to sell there product. Instead, the company uses purely humor to make people form a connection to their brand and product.

It just makes me think, how can a company make so much money on car insurance when they don’t even sell the product. Are there any other benefits that Geico offers other than saving 15% on car insurance. Because for years now this is the only pro they have that they've marketed to the people. So it should seem as if that's the only advantage that Geico has over its competitors. There is so much left unsaid that would make me believe their marketing strategy isn’t necessarily smart. But they have somehow figured out a way to make such a strategy work. Why don't I see many other companies that use this same strategy? Is humor becoming more important to buyers than actually explaining and selling the product?
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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Media Blogs are Changing Me?


December 15th, 2019

Now that we are multiple weeks into the assignment of Media blogs and how media is used all around us, I've begun to see and realize a serious change in the way I use and view media. Ever since we learned about the useful marketing strategies that all companies use to sell us their products I've really implemented this into how I view media. Literally every commercial or Ad I see now, I begin to think of what types of useful marketing strategies that the company is using. Are they using the Need to achieve or is that the Gestalt principle? Is this Ad effective? Are they using emotion or selling their products directly? These questions I've begun to ask myself regularly and its beginning to help my understanding of media a ton. By understanding media through this assignment, I've also started to limit my use of social media platforms as well. I understand how caught up into media people can get, so I wanted to really challenge myself on do I need social media? Giving me more time to focus on other things like school and sports without worry. Overall, I am glad we were given an assignment like this one because I can already see it affecting me positively in the future and in my grades. And through what I've learned during this assignment, I can use to benefit my mental health and focus on what really important in my life.

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Dog Tested. Dog Approved

December 15, 2019

This weekend as I was going on with my day watching football as I always do when I stumbled upon a Suburu commercial that really stood out to me. The commercial begins as a family of golden retrievers driving a Subaru pulls up to dog car wash, covered in dirt. The dog cleaners (a family of pugs) then proceed to beautifully shine up half of the car as they aren't tall enough to reach the top. And the commercial ends with a statement, "Dog Tested, Dog Approved".

It was clear that the commercial in no way tried to sell the wonderful features that Suburu has to offer, instead the commercial was centered around these soft, huggable friends. As the entirety of this commercial didn't portray a single human or any other focal point. Suburu gave this commercial a playful tone by not putting in any humans and showing dogs wash and drive a car, potentially trying to imply that Suburu is a fun brand and can provide fun memories for the entire family. Which in my opinion is what sets this ad apart because most car commercials spend time talking about the features of the car or its low cost, but instead Suburu connects with our emotions rather than straight facts or evidence as to why you should buy another brands car. Suburu does an effective job selling the memories you'll have in a Suburu, giving the brand a positive connotation when you hear the name.

This commercial uses the Need to Nurture and the Need for Autonomy to effectively sell to the audience why you should buy a Subaru. By using the need for autonomy, Suburu singles themselves out as a fun and playful car brand while also still supplying the necessary safety and design elements that all cars should have. So now when people think of the brand Suburu we connect it to childhood memories we've may have made while in a car or during a road trip with our family. Making people more likely to remember the brand over competitors. Suburu uses the need to nurture because the whole commercial is made with dogs in the place of humans. When you see a dog or other cute animal in a commercial, it makes you feel like you need to care for it, and since the dogs are in the car, Suburu is implying how the car will take care of you and keep your family safe.

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